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Chin up, baby. 

Couch photos. Gold jewelry. Late night narcissism.  


a time in your life you find yourself very thankful for the people who let you be you. Last semester I dropped out of school in Egypt and this semester I am going to take a break and really do some self exploring to see what it is comes next in my story. I’m broke, but I’m happy. I’m not done with school, but I’m happy. I’m clueless, but ignorance is bliss. I’m ready to embark on a simple life, I could not be more thrilled. I’m thankful for the family in my life who love and support me. My dad and my boyfriend are two of the most incredible people I have ever met. I love them dearly and whatever successes occur because of this freedom I will most definitely credit to their support. 

Sorta kinda my Lynn Yaeger impression. 

Rookie beehive. A little messy but I’m diggin’ it. Plus, now I can adopt some pet rats. 

Mountain head. 

What often happens. Eldar and I passed out on the bus ride to school. 

My papers are coming along great…

Lazy day GPOY.

A Brief Conversation:

Eldar: “Have you ever had nightmares about mayonnaise?”

Eldar: “I’ve had nightmares about syringes…”